Sunday School Schedule 11:45 a.m.-12:30 p.m.

Fall Quarter - Begins Sunday after Labor Day

Winter Quarter - Begins Sunday after Thanksgiving

Spring Quarter - Begins first Sunday in March

Summer Quarter - Begins Sunday after Memorial Day

Holy Bible

Sundays without Sunday School

Labor Day weekend

Thanksgiving weekend
Before and after Christmas

Memorial Day weekend

July 4 weekend  (if the 4th of July falls on a Friday through Monday)

K-4 through 8th Grade

Ages 4-5 (Room 7) and Grades 1-6 (Room 1) are following the same themes this summer. June - “God Loves Us”; July - “We Love God”; August - “We Love Others”.

With real-world applications, Bible-in-Life helps Pre-K and early elementary-age kids see God’s truth all around them as they discover how to apply this truth to their lives today and grow faith for a lifetime.

Youth and Adult (Sanctuary) - "Let’s Look at Jesus"

Jesus lived real life.  He grew up in a small town, went to school and learned carpentry.  He had other brothers and sisters.  We get many glimpses of Jesus’ life in the New Testament.  But too often, we rush through the accounts.  Slow down.  Look more closely.  Think of what it would have been like if you had been there.  God tells us that He is making Christians more like Jesus.  So, what do we see when we look at Jesus?  What can we copy from Jesus?  Come Sundays at 11:45 a.m. and find out.