Sunday School Schedule 11:45AM

Fall Quarter - Begins Sunday after Labor Day
Winter Quarter - Begins Sunday after Thanksgiving
Spring Quarter - Begins first Sunday in March
Summer Quarter - Begins Sunday after Memorial Day
Holy Bible

Sundays without Sunday School

Labor Day weekend
Thanksgiving weekend
Before and after Christmas
Memorial Day weekend
July 4 weekend  (if the 4th of July falls on a Friday through Monday)

K-4 through 8th Grade

 4- to 5-year olds Room 7 - We will learn about “God’s Special Son”; “God’s Wonderful World”; and “God Meets Our Needs”.

Grades 1 to 4 Room 1 - We will study the following: Knowing Jesus, God's Special Son; Learning about the creativity of God and His wonderful world; Praying and the ways God meets our needs.

Grades 5 to 8 Room 2 - We are studying the book of Acts and learning about Paul’s personal relationship with God and how it applies to us.

Youth and Adult 

Sanctuary “Living in a Post-Christian/Post-Modern World”  Increasing hostility to Christian ethics and Christianity itself is something that not only is taking place around the world, but has also occurred in the past. How do we as Christians live in a society and culture that not only is more and more hostile to Christianity, but is hostile to any kind of truth claims?  Using the Apostle Paul’s letter to the church in Rome as the underpinning, we will attempt to answer this question in a far-ranging discussion of the culture to include: media, entertainment, government, politics, and specific current issues. Please join us as we delve into how we might live our daily lives as witnesses for Christ, as well as being able to share and defend our faith as we are called upon to do so.

Room 6 “Evangelism” - Come join us as we continue our class on Evangelism.  We will be looking at what exactly the Gospel message contains and what elements we should be sure to include when sharing the Gospel.  In the weeks to come, we will be learning how to share our testimonies and seeing how to incorporate them in our Gospel message as testimonies of God’s faithfulness.