Sunday School (11:45 a.m.) Schedule


Fall Quarter - Begins the Sunday after Labor Day

Winter Quarter - Begins the Sunday after Thanksgiving

Spring Quarter - Begins the first Sunday in March

Summer Quarter - Begins the Sunday after Memorial Day 



Sundays without Sunday School


Sunday during Labor Day weekend

Sunday after Thanksgiving

Sunday before (except when Christmas is on a Sunday)

Sunday after Christmas 

Sunday during Memorial Day weekend

Sunday of a 4th of July weekend  (if the 4th of July falls on a Friday through Monday)




Nursery - Room 9 - Nursery is provided for infants up to 2 years’ old.


Toddlers - Room 8 - Toddlers (2- through 3-year olds) who can walk and sit in a chair by themselves are invited to a time of singing, playing, and listening to a Bible story.


K-4 through 8th Grade


4- to 6-year olds - Room 7 - This class will learn about God and their personal relationship with Him.


Grades 1 to 4 - Room 1 - “Stories of Jesus". 


Grades 5 to 8 - Room 2 - This interactive class will walk and trace Jesus’ footsteps through the Gospel of Mark.


Youth and Adult


Sanctuary - “Old Testament in Living Color” (Mark Hayes) - Have you ever felt that the Old Testament was this dusty, old document that had nothing to do with life today? And, isn’t the New Testament easier to understand? Well, the NT is built on the foundation of the OT. All of the major themes of the Bible begin in the OT. God reveals Himself to us in both the OT and NT. This class will give a high-level view of the OT and help you to understand the history, geography, major events and major personalities in the OT – in living color! 

Room 5 - “The Book of Ruth” (Chuck Guidetti) - The Book of Ruth” - Come join us as we study the book of Ruth and find out about how God chose to use the woman Ruth, who came from a tragic family history, to be part of the lineage of Christ!  We will be studying this book verse-by-verse and focusing on themes such as identity, faithfulness, and God’s redemption.