Sunday School (11:45 a.m.)


Fall Quarter - Begins the Sunday after Labor Day

Winter Quarter - Begins the Sunday after Thanksgiving

Spring Quarter - Begins the first Sunday in March

Summer Quarter - Begins the Sunday after Memorial Day 

 Sundays without Sunday School

Sunday during Labor Day weekend

Sunday after Thanksgiving

Sunday before (except when Christmas is on a Sunday)

Sunday after Christmas 

Sunday during Memorial Day weekend

Sunday of a 4th of July weekend  (if the 4th of July falls on a Friday through Monday)

Preschool - Room 7  4-5 year olds.  We will study the following Bible theme: “God sent His Son"

K through 6th Grade

Room 1 - Grades 1-3: We will study the following Bible themes:  Faith, Discipleship and Prayerfulness

Room 2 - Grades 4-8: we will be studying  Saul/Paul.

Adult / Youth classes

“Evangelism 101” - Room 5 - This class is an evangelism training class to teach us how to step out and share our faith with others! We are going to be looking at why we evangelize, how we evangelize, and the different types of evangelism.

“How We Got the Bible” - Sanctuary - We will take the first three weeks to learn about the texts that we have, how they were copied and passed from generation to generation, and the various schools of translation. The remaining weeks we will explore in detail a specific English translation each week starting with the KJV.