When You Struggle with Fear and Worry
November 8, 2020

When You Struggle with Fear and Worry

Passage: Psalm 23

This Sunday and next Sunday we are exploring how we can find comfort in God’s character.  All of us struggle at one time or other with difficulties, problems, pain, etc.  We can respond with: anger, fear, worry, aggression, depression, avoid, “medicate”, or trust in God.


Not all fear is bad.  Some fear is natural.  The kind of fear we are talking about today has its roots in our desires. 

Matthew 6:25-34

 What should we do when we are tempted to fear and worry?

  •         Be honest with God and yourself and with others
  •         Personalize Psalm 23
  •         Focus more on God and His character and promises than on “the problem”
  •         Choose to trust God
  •         Choose to hold our desires with an open hand

·         Seek God’s kingdom first

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